About Gail Anderson

Dip.Herb.Med., Post.Grad.Dip.Nut.
ATMS no. 2640

Gail is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Professional Kinesiologist with a passion for working with the New Children.

She is accredited through the Polaris International College in Denmark as a teacher of Transformational Kinesiology. It was her interest in energetic medicine which led her to study Transformational Kinesiology (TK). Certified through the Polaris College in Denmark, Gail is both a practitioner and teacher of TK.

Gail also teaches Psychology of Joy.

It was as a student of the G-A-I-A Sacred Mystery School in Hawaii 2006 where Gail developed her work with the New Children

As well as her work with the New Children, Gail has benefited from practical experience as a mother of four and a grandmother of seven.

Gail has accreditation in Colour Therapy, training with the Brooker Clinic in Cambridge New Zealand which has been treating clients from around the world since 1973.



With her experience in vibrational medicine and working with children, Gail combines a wealth of knowledge with natural facilitation and teaching skills. Her workshops are practical, hands-on, informative and fun.

Please visit the Workshops section for upcoming events with Gail, or contact Gail directly.