Colour Therapy

This complementary therapy was developed in the 1940's and encourages the body to recalibrate to its own natural state of well-being and health.

Based on the widely accepted understanding that all things vibrate at a certain frequency, this process is able to identify the vibration of imbalances within the client's system and use the vibration of a matching colour or combination of colours to neutralise the imbalance.

A good analogy to illustrate this is an opera singer shattering a glass. The glass has a natural resonant frequency, when the singer makes the same tone as the natural frequency of the glass this induces vibration in the glass which can cause it to shatter. The same principle applies that if the vibrational frequency of a particular colour is matched to the vibrational frequency of an imbalance in a client's system, the imbalance can be counteracted.

Colour therapy is safe and non invasive, giving it a wide range of uses to support children's health.

Gail trained in Colour Therapy with the Brooker Clinic in Cambridge New Zealand which has been treating clients from all over the world since 1973.

If you have any questions about Colour Therapy, please contact Gail.