When: Sunday October 18, 2015 - 9.30am - 4.30pm

Where: Maroubra Junction, Sydney

Cost: $150 (includes morning and afternoon teas)

Who are the New Children?

These are children who have been born since the early 80’s.These children carry a higher vibration and a conscious awareness of the light and love essence that is the fabric of our energy as human beings.

They carry the inner energy and gifts that are able to transform our world from a fear based reality to a reality based on this very essence of love and light.

Each of the new children have birthed into families to bring this love and light to all people and all on Earth to create a balancing of the energies through transformation and to assist the birthing of Peace on Earth.

In the early 80’s a passageway opened to bring souls to Earth who have a higher vibration than souls previously incarnated on Earth. They each carry gifts that are unique to them and gifts they share with others who also carry a similar vibration to them.

They are open to change and the manifestation of the qualities of angelic energy in our society such as peace, love and compassion.

Have you ever asked these questions –

  • Why are these children so unique and need new forms of parenting, teaching and support?
  • How do the new children grow and develop?
  • What can hold back their growth and development and how can you change this?
  • Why are they so affected by the consciousness and energy of their family and friends?
  • What are their signs of difficulty?

Then come and join other parents asking the same questions at a

Conscious Parenting Workshop!


About Gail Anderson

Dip.Herb.Med., Post.Grad.Dip.Nut.
ATMS no. 2640

Gail is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and Professional Kinesiologist with a passion for working with the New Children.

She is accredited through the Polaris International College in Denmark as a teacher of Transformational Kinesiology. It was her interest in energetic medicine which led her to study Transformational Kinesiology (TK). Certified through the Polaris College in Denmark (see Links), Gail is both a practitioner and teacher of TK.

Gail is also accredited through The Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness in Australia as a teacher of the Ease for Life Empowerment Program. It was as a student of the G-A-I-A Sacred Mystery School in Hawaii 2006 where Gail developed her work with the New Children

As well as her work with the New Children, Gail has benefited from practical experience as a mother of four and a grandmother of five.

Feel free to contact Gail if you would like to make an appointment or attend one of the programs.