Transformational Kinesiology (TK)

TK (Transformational Kinesiology) is a practical application of The Ageless Wisdom, the essence of all the spiritual traditions and is a profound healing modality. It is a method of specialised kinesiology developed since 1983 by international facilitators and researchers Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel, founders of the Polaris International Institute in Denmark.

The purpose is to facilitate a process which allows the individual to take responsibility for him/herself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This includes finding one's true self and utilising the Soul power realised through expansion of consciousness. Most people want at a certain point in their life 'to be who I am'. Transformational Kinesiology facilitates this process.

The TK Balance

During a TK balance, the client and practitioner work in harmony with the Soul as it 'speaks' through muscle monitoring and subtle energies, to find the goal that is most appropriate for the client at that time and to identify any blockages - such as limiting beliefs, negative programming or physical symptoms - which might be standing in the way of its fulfillment.

Lasting approximately one and a half hours, a TK balance facilitates the clearing of hidden blockages that may be preventing the attainment of cherished dreams and goals, undermining health or inhibiting full alignment with the Soul's purpose.

Choosing from an extensive menu, the client then participates in a TK balance where, in the light of consciousness, limiting patterns and beliefs are replaced by deeper wisdom.

After a TK Balance

Clients often experience some or all of these benefits:

  •     Clarification of goals and life purpose.
  •     Compassionate understanding of how symptoms, thoughts and emotions can stand in the way of success.
  •     New awareness as a result of engaging in a conscious, intentional process of spiritual awakening.

The Balances ultimately facilitate alignment between soul and personality for the realisation of living purposefully within the Divine Plan.


TK Workshops

TK workshops are a journey in consciousness. These hands-on workshops help you help yourself and give you information so you can help others. You will learn to communicate with another person's different bodies through kinesiology and relate this to the esoteric teaching. TK is a Soul centered process which recognises that within each individual there is a sourceof wisdom and truth

TK Optimal Integration Foundation

TK Optimal Integration Foundation

In this 2 day workshop participants will have the opportunity to experience a TK balance, learn various stress release techniques and learn to facilitate the balance process.

This workshop introduces the fundamental principles of the Ageless Wisdom including the...

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The Psychology of Joy

The Psychology of Joy

The focus of this seminar is the practical development of Inner Leadership using your personal situation as a springboard for the development of consciousness.

You are invited to participate in an inspiring group process to expand your consciousness based on The...

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TK 1

TK 1

  • The Aura
  • The Chakras
  • The Personality and the Soul
  • Permanent Atoms
  • Identification, Attachment, Detachment
  • Spiritual Law
TK 2

TK 2

  • The Senses and the Higher Senses
  • Duality
  • The Etheric Body
  • The Five Phases - energy model of the Five Elements
  • The 12 Twin Characteristics
TK 3

TK 3

  • Furthering Inner Leadership
  • The Energy Transfer between Chakras
  • Choice and Discrimination
  • Thoughts, Thoughtforms, Illusions , Habits
  • The Antahkarana
TK 4

TK 4

  • Crises of the Personality
  • Auric Patterns
  • Ray-ology
  • The Alta major
  • Hinderances on our Path
TK 5

TK 5

  • Reception, Will, Light
  • Stillness and Silence
  • Glamours and Illusions
  • Service
TK 6 and TK 7

TK 6 and TK 7

Based on the skills and psychology of TK 1-5, new insights, skills and information are given in the practical application of colour, sound and fragrance.

Inner Leadership 1 and 2

Inner Leadership 1 and 2

Who are we? From where do we come? Where do we go? How do we get there?

There are many ways to find the answers which lie deep within the individual. The intention with this workshop is to provide...

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Seven Rays

Seven Rays

Just as white light divides itself into 7 colours so do the 7 divisions of Divine Light, as described in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and referred to as The Seven Rays. These rays represent the very essence of our unique...

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TK has changed the boundaries of my personal awareness, the mind opening to a vastness which extends without limit. My relationship to life has lifted, transformed. I amgrateful for the workshop awakening in me a flow of love, beauty and inner stillness.

— Robyn Hennings, Registered Nurse

I did everything I could trying to help my adolescent son come to terms with a family breakup 9 years ago, everything! One TK session turned it all around for him. The transformation was incredible. He gained confidence, overcame his feelings of loss and was able to act like a 15 year old instead of being fixated at age 6.We are both so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

— John Mitchell MA, Teacher

TK has enabled me to let go of my colitis instead of holding on to those thoughts which needed to be expressed through colitis. Thanks to TK, I was able to control and then master the condition.

— Susan Spiers, Visual Arts, Head Teacher

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