Transformational Kinesiology (TK)

Seven Rays

Just as white light divides itself into 7 colours so do the 7 divisions of Divine Light, as described in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and referred to as The Seven Rays. These rays represent the very essence of our unique nature.

It is very beneficial to know one's soul and personality ray to understand and solve the evergreen questions 'who am?' and 'why am I here?'

In this one day workshop you will:

  • Learn about the qualities of each of the rays
  • Understand how the seven rays condition all aspects and manifestations of life
  • Gain greater understanding of how the rays express in your own life
  • See the different ways the Soul and Personality seek to express the nature of the seven rays
  • Learn how the energies of the rays are transmitted through the planets and signs of the Zodiac
  • See how the rays play out in your own astrology chart
  • Learn practical strategies to utilise, balance and harmonise the energies of the rays in your own self expression

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.